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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Found Thought!

about 3 years ago when I should have changed my mindset.  Don't loose you life/time by wasting it foolishly!

I like to be healthy.  I like to run, walk, hike and even eat well.
My problem is that I also like to eat BADLY and neglect my interest in activity.

Lately at times, my eating habits have been even worse because I know that I am ready to start eating right.  Does that make any sense?  (I don’t think so!)

I cram in that last opportunity to eat unhealthy knowing that what I am about to do is cut out unhealthy eating opportunities.   The feast before the famine mind set.

This morning in my quiet time and writing, I opened up a book that I was wanting to read through by Stormie Omartian called The Power of a Praying Life. Her books are great by the way.  She has so much faith and so much knowledge and is just so humble yet direct in her words. 

Well, today, of all the areas that I could read about prayer, I opened up directly to chapter 20, “Treat Your Body As Though It Belongs To God”. 

O.K., as if that weren’t direct enough.   


So, why do I run to unhealthy eating?  Why do I not value myself more? 

I can’t really answer that and I don’t think answering it is going to help me any, because as long as it is “mine”, I will do with it as I please.  But this new thinking of it being God’s, changes my thinking quite a bit. 

If I stop believing that this is mine (my body/my health) and started seeing it fully in the truth that it is His. I am only borrowing it, I will treat it better.  If I see it as something that God has only loaned me, and I have to give it back with explanation as to why I treated it the way that I did, won’t I treat it completely different, choosing to look at the big picture and not just the immediate gratification?

I like to be healthy. I like to be active.  Choosing to eat poorly keeps me from getting to have either of these two things in my life.  It is time to put some action in place. I have my first 5k run in August with some good friends.  I have four months to work toward my goal and make some changes. 

Being healthy isn’t just about eating right.  It involves a lot of different factors.
Are there any changes you would like to make?  If God was sitting right next to you, saying, “what are you doing to my body?”  What would you say? -  just a thought!

I wish you well in your new found thought.  I pray success over you all.

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