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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Praising in the Pain...A Heart of Worship

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Have you ever praised God in the midst of your pain?  

Recently I found myself in a very disappointing, heart breaking place.  A friend had introduced me to a guy that I agreed to meet.  I didn’t think much of it.  These things never seem to work out, but to my surprise I really ended up liking this guy.

He had a lot of qualities that I had prayed for but on top of that I really enjoyed my time with him.  He felt like an old friend, and a good friend.  Plus I was really attracted to him.

After a few days where there was some minor contact, there came several days where there was no contact.  I realized there was no interest there on his part and that he just didn’t have the heart to tell me (which I really hate).  I had to accept my rejection and move forward. 

The only problem was that it hit a key disappointment that I already had.  Why wasn’t I married yet?  I have agreed to serve you Lord in every way that I know how.  I have given you my heart. I have given you my life and I try to be as obedient to your will and plan as I know how.  So why are you withholding this from me?  Why don’t you want this for me right now?

My heart cried out, while breaking inside.  As I stood in the elevator at work holding back tears I stated, “I will praise you Lord.  In the midst of what I feel and where I am, I will praise you.” 

I don’t normally do that.  Normally I get mad and hurt and pout about where He has me and what He is doing or not doing.   Job reacted similarly in chapter 40 of the book of Job.  After all that he went through, God addressed him and his reaction was to be silent.  As God continued to address who He himself was and who Job was not, Job’s silence turned to praise (Job 42:1-6).  He praised God in the midst of all that he had lost.  In that he found freedom and new life. 

For me, I had an experience like I had not had before.  My aching heart seemed to be sealed by His never failing love.  As I walked off the elevator and onto the floor where I worked, I had no idea what my moment of praise was doing inside me.  Several moments later, I realized how much better I felt. My heart had been healed. It felt so nice to have that healing, and to know that He met me in that place with compassion and not just correction.

I have never been good at praising God in the midst of my sorrow.  Normally I will surrender to God but it is in a pouting, disappointed nature.  I never fully realized the power of praising Him.  Now I plan to do that in the midst of all my storms.

Laura Menefee ~


  1. It is so tough but something that I also try to remember to do...thank you for the reminder today.
    I have a "fortune" from a cookie on my wall in my office that states "Every burden is a blessing" and I try to remember that and thank God that for every hurt, there is a reason for it and I will praise Him and thank Him for what he has done and continues to do in my life.

  2. Yes! what a nice little reminder to hold onto. Thanks for sharing that!