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Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking the Leap

About 5 years ago, I had a friend staying with me for just a few months.  I lived in a cute little house that I was renting while working for an investment firm.  She worked there with me and was getting married soon.  She wanted to cut expenses and live minimally until the big day just to prepare for stepping out into her new future.

It was such a privilege to get to spend that time with her.   

Today I came across a note that she had left me so many years ago.  She tore a page out of my journal and referenced a verse that reminded her of me.  The verse was Exodus 4:1-3 where God was telling Moses to “go” and was reminding him that He would take care of the details. 

My friend stated, “God has a great sense of humor and an uncanny ability to give us the “signs” we need to confirm the extraordinary!”

I love her words in that statement! How true. 

Recently an “idea” was presented to me that I have prayed and hoped for, for a long time.   

I know for my friend, in the process of her marriage, doubted at times “is this really it? Can I really marry this man?”  I know that because everyone has those thoughts.  I also know that it was something that she had desired and prayed about for a very long time and when this boy came into her life for the first time, I remember very clearly how she reacted.  He was not just any boy to her.  He was definitely much more.

If she would have clung to her uncertainty or fears, she would have missed one the greatest and most challenging moves of her life. 

I do not want to miss the greatest and most challenging moves of my life either!  I know that I am meant to do this.  It has been engraved in me for many years without much reasoning.  Now that it is standing before me like a promise made in Heaven, I am ready to take the leap.  I don’t know how all the details will work out but I know that my God has already proven provident in the steps that have taken place thus far and I know that all that remains lies in the palms of His hands.

How exciting!  To live and step out in faith and to know that great things are taking place right in front of you, right with you.  This indeed is extraordinary!