Wading the storms of Life...together in word.

Truth Comes Out.

The truth is that when I was a sophmore in college, only 19 years old, my life changed by the news that I had Bipolar Disorder.   I have spent the last 10+ years learning to accept and deal with the path that I have been given to travel. I have found healing, cleansing, redeeming and truth - truth about life and truth about who I am in Christ.

God uses my experience and circumstances to speak and reach out to others.  He indeed turns our pain into purpose.  I don't believe that it is by any mistake or chance that I am where I am, but I have been very hurt and angry in the process of accepting it all. Now I am grateful, grateful that He is and has used it and grateful that He has loved me through it all. God is good, we just don't always realize that. 

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