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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Ways of God

Charlie is sitting here next to me. Most the time I do not let him in here, in my room, but sometimes I will if he listens and doesn’t get into things.  I love that he likes to be where I am.  Sometimes it can be annoying.  Sometimes he sniffs everything I am trying to do and I just have to say “Stop”.  But the fact that he wants to be near me, is the evidence of his love and admiration for me.  That I love.  So seeing him go against his strong desires of getting up and sniffing out every new thing that he has not explored yet, just to sit quietly next to me is nice.

I love dogs.  I have always loved dogs and have wanted one of my own for a long time.  I couldn’t afford to get one though because of the hours that I am away and because of the responsibility they are.  They need attention.  It is not fair to them to have them in your life if you don’t ever plan to give them what they need.

As I sat here, stroking his head and he just grunted with the feel of being petted and doted over, I noticed his feet.  I noticed how the bones in his legs and feet move in such a way to perform exactly the way that they need to.  God is so precise in how He creates or orchestrates anything.  One area of life or physical quality fits so uniquely into another.  Everything has a rhyme and reason, a purpose, a plan.  Everything is set into motion by the moving of His hand.

We serve a God of great creativity.

Great brilliance.

Great Ability.

Great Love.

And Great Reason.

It is easy to want to take life into our own hands and try to determine how we believe it should be, but life was laid out by the one person or being that knew best and does best.

This is scripture that I have liked for a while.  I think it is appropriate for this message so I am going to share it with you.

“There are three things that are too amazing for me, four that I do not understand:  the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden.”  Proverbs 30:18-19

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