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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Failling...Fear or Faith?

From an excerpt of the book The Ways of God (Finding Purpose Through Your Pain)
By Cherie Hill

“We made plans for our lives, but He’s determining our steps and taking us to places we never wanted to go.”

“Proverbs 16:9 NLT ..We can make plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

“We find ourselves taking the very next step in front of us, only to find our feet knocked out from under us.  How can we trust a God that is constantly bringing us to our knees in helpless desperation?  We decide to take the journey of life with Him and He brings us to the edge of a cliff.  We find ourselves at the edge, consumed with fear, and God seems to push us right off; we’re helpless and hopeless and free falling into the abyss of darkness.  What kind of loving God does this?”

{Laura(me):  Cherie wrote the book that I am planning to write! I love her words and the truth that comes with it.  This passage stood off the page and made me say Wow!

I have a friend who loves birds.  She photographs them all of the time.  To her there is something majestic there. For me, I would agree.  There is something different about the life of a bird than from any other creature.  They trust God every day for providing the needs they have that very day and they soar in the faith of their wings like the rest of us only dream of.  But as I read this passage and related so much to the imagery of fear and pain that comes with God pushing you further and further past your “breaking point”, I saw the safe cliff that we stand on as believers.  Our trust is in it more so than in God.  Our trust is in where our feet are planted.

What is this abyss?  It is the realization that the cliff we clung to is more our death than the fall we have faced that has just set us free.  God wants us to see that we can “fly” in the “bosoms of His breast”.  He is the one that truly provides everything we need or desire, everything!  He has given us life. He is in the end the one that will take our life and He determines the steps in between.

We have no reason to live in fear.  Like the small bird pushed from the nest by its very own loving mother. We can embrace that “fall” knowing in full faith that our Father in Heaven has us.}

…So, what kind of loving God does this?... "Evidently one that’s teaching us to trust Him.”

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